3DJoes Presents Full Series of 1991 G.I.Joe Linear Commercials

At GIJoeCon 2018,  3DJoes teamed up with Mr. Kirk Bozigian to bring us behind the scenes footage of the live action G.I.Joe Commercials that aired during the early 90’s.

G.I.Joe’s 1991 toy commercials changed gears and replaced animation with live-action actors and actresses and life size vehicles. These commercials were serial, a first for G.I.Joe, and told the linear story of G.I.Joe and Cobra battling for control of “Plasmatox.”

After decades of one commercial being missing in action (see the panel for more on that), this video shows all six linear commercials edited together for the first time! Check it out:

I know I speak for many when I say THANK YOU, KIRK & CARSON! This is so special and to have it captured for history on 3DJoes.com is a dream come true for all of us Joe Fans!

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