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Locker Toys Shares Zombie Lab News Update

Locker Toys Group Limited (lockertoys.com) has posted a press release on the Zombie Lab Facebook Page.

Zombie Lab - Surveillance Port 01.jpg

The update references a capital issue that impacted Dream Concept Studio, the original team behind Zombie Lab. As of April 2018, Locker Toys took full ownership of the project. Locker Toys is also the Asia Distributor for Boss Fight Studio.

It was also noted that Mr. Alex Wu, member of Dream Concept, will be stepping down from the project and the studio as a whole. The founder of Locker Toys, Andy, has been involved in the Zombie Lab Project since Day 1, involved in all daily oeprations (e.g. idea, production,system and customer services). Therefore, nothing will harm backers benefits.

The goal of Locker Toys is to make the brand highly viable and integrated in the marketplace, so their place is to revamp and diversify their promotional/marketing plan. As such, we’ll be seeing new official photos in the near future.

I’ll bring you more news on the Zombie Lab front has it becomes available.

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