Custom Old School NES Figures by Death by Toys

Death by Toys has shared an amazing assortment of Custom Old School NES figures made from Vintage Toys! These pieces are all sorts of awesome. From DBT –

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To me, this is exactly what a line of custom Nintendo action figures toys would look like if Kenner had released them back in the 80s. This entire line was made from repurposed 80s action figures, including Star Wars, GI Joe, Fisher Price Adventure People, and various other pieces I could find in the bottoms of disgusting junker bins. I then attached each one to a cardback based on the game’s box art.

The pieces in the assortment include:

  • NES Zelda Link Custom Figure
  • NES Mega Man Custom Figure
  • NES Castlevania Simon Belmont Custom Figure new back
  • NES Super Mario Bros Custom Figure
  • NES Metroid Custom Figure

How cool is that?! If you’re digging these, then make sure to head over to Death by Toys as you’ll find more offerings like this, along with links to follow along on social!

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