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Forgotten Figures Presents Rarities – Unproduced 2001 Manimal Vortex

For those of you that know me, you know I have an unhealthy obsession with all things Star Brigade. As such, the latest “Rarities” article from Forgotten Figures is right up my alley! Today, Forgotten Figures takes a look at the unproduced 2001 Manimal Vortex!


For those unfamiliar with Manimals, they were a subset of G.I.Joe Star Brigade offerings that met with bad luck each time they were to be released – 6 figures were set to hit in late ’94, but that never happened. Later, in 2001, KB Toys revived the Manimals and were set to offer all 6, but released only 3. Vortex, Along with ZigZag and Spasma, failed to ever make it in to the public’s hands, save for a few samples here & there.

Make sure to check out Rarities – Unproduced 2001 Manimal Vortex for a fantastic in-depth look at this Star Brigade Oddity!

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