Marauder Task Force Novel Announced at Kindle Worlds Panel during GIJoeCon 2018

Woah now! This piece of news almost blew by me, but thanks to Author Extraordinaire Bill Nedrow, that’s not the case! You may recall that it was Bill’s Kindle Worlds book that won the honor of having a G.I.Joe character made, bringing Stiletto to our collections as a highly welcomed new character. As such, hearing this news made me all sorts of excited for what’s on the horizon!

During the Kindle Worlds Panel at GIJoeCon 2018, Bill announced that he’ll be releasing a novel based on Marauder Gun-Runners’ Marauder Task Force! The Novel is expected to drop by the end of the year, so no worries, I’ll undoubtedly bring you updates along the way!

The Image you see here was shared during the panel and noted to be the cover. That said, please note that it’s a work in progress and still pending approval, so the final image my vary.

Are you excited to add an MTF Novel to your library? I for sure am, especially with Bill at the helm!

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