PHX Customs presents G.I.Joe: Resurgence – Adventure Team Day 5

G.I.Joe: Resurgence – Adventure Team by PHX Customs continues with day 5! In this episode, the Adventure Team must race through the Egyptian Desert and reach the Temple of Cobrus bfore CHAOS agents get their hands on an amulet that has the power to control the minds of all men. Will AT be able to save the day? Tune in below to find out! –

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PSA: For those of you that may be unfamiliar with PHX Customs, here’s a quick breakdown: PHX Customs is comprised of Oreo BuilderAaron J BuckDan of the Dead Customs and Sam Panico. They not only create magnificent customs, but go the distance by creating file cards, packaging and dio stories that introduce us to their amazing creations.

I’ll continue to bring you updates as they’re released. Hope you’re enjoying the series as much as I am!

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