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New Fury Force Pre Orders from POPprolific and Hammer of The Gods Toys Now Available

It’s finally here! The Pre-Orders for new Fury Force figures from POPprolific and Hammer of the Gods Toys are now available! Head over to POPprolific’s Store Front to get your order in for:

  • Fury Force DESTROYER – Millionaire playboy and weapons industrialist, the despot dubbed Destroyer, is rumored to maintain a series of arms producing factories across the coast of his secluded private island. The exact location of his base of operations continues to elude authorities. This god of war sustains allegiance to no one, and maintains his anonymity by handling his arms through proxy. – Ships September 2018
  • Fury Force The Last Grand Shadow Master – Spy, long range mission specialist, master of the Cloak of The Chameleon, master of the Screaming Whirlwind, now a teacher, and stranger still a patriot. The Shadow Sensei has had many roles over the years… and so many secrets. – Ships September 2018
  • Fury Force Shadow Force – Three hand painted 5.5” resin figures in MOTU style, that pay homage to a certain ninja that we all know and love – Young Master, Shadow Master &
    The Last Grand Shadow Master. – Ships September 2018
  • Hunter – Fluent in 5 languages and a master tracker, stalker was once part of the same elite team of commandos that produced the Silent Master. – Ships October 2018

Each figure comes with weapons and accessories to complete their mission objective! If the Silent Master is any indication on how quickly these will sell out, I’d say go get your pre-order in today so that you don’t miss out!

Will you be adding any of these new Fury Force offerings to your collection? I know I for sure will!

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