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GIJoeCon 2018 Concept Vault Head Sculpt Freebie In-Hand Images

As noted in my last post, attendees of the customizing class at GIJoeCon 2018  were given a very special freebie – A selection of head casts from the G.I.Joe Concept Vault! As many know, these items were and will never be released, so this is beyond awesome and well played by Hasbro ! Thanks to Mike Tinnel of Just Another G.I.Joe Show , we now have images of the headsculpts that were given away! –


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Aren’t they amazing?! Those who receive them will have to sign a release noting that these will never be recast or resold…but that’s a small price to pay to own a piece of G.I.Joe history! I’ll bring more details from GIJoeCon 2018 as they become available!

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