GIJoeCon 2018 Convention Exclusive Offerings Revealed

As noted in my last post, my good friend Mike Tinnel from Just Another G.I.Joe Show is at GIJoeCon 2018 and has shared the full list of Convention Exclusive offerings! Up for grab this year are:

  • Python Patrol Para-Viper 2 Pack
  • Python Patrol Saw Viper 3 Pack
  • Python Patrol Rock Viper 3 pack
  • Python Patrol SNAKE Armor
  • Python Patrol Laser Viper weapons 3 Pack (for last years set)
  • Slaughters Renegades 3 pack
  • Sonic Fighters Law (carded)
  • Sonic Fighters Tunnel Rat (carded)
  • Sonic Fighters Lamprey Officer (carded)
  • Attendee Freebie – Slaughters Marauders Box with Weapons (Dangers at the Dock crate)

I’ll bring you images of these items as soon as they’re available. Plan on adding any to your collection?

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