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G.I.JOE Stop-Motion Film Festival Submission Deadline Coming Soon

If you’ve been following my reporting over the last few months, you’ve noted that I’ve brought you word on the GI JOE FEST Stop Motion Film Festival. Although the Early Bird submission window closed in May, there’s still 2 weeks left to get your submission in!

Make sure to read more below to get details on how to submit your entry.

Centered around the world of G.I.Joe, the GI JOE STOP MOTION FILM FESTIVAL is the world’s first festival dedicated to screening works by stop-motion artists who use GI Joe action figures (12 inch 3 ¾ inch sizes) as main characters or actors.

The Festival combines the excitement of world premiere short-films and fan tributes with the allure of Denver’s nightlife. GI JOE FEST highlights up and coming filmmakers, as well as masters of the craft and has already attracted award winning films in the past years. Independent in every sense, these films share the same willingness to challenge the conventions set for stop-motion.

We are a distribution vehicle for truly indie animators that distrust the commercial film festival circuit. We are a celebration of what is possible in independent stop-motion animated films. We have also completed several national tours at 8 major US cities and even traveled abroad to places like Singapore, Slovakia and Canada.
There are only TWO main rules for the Festival:
  1. Your film MUST be shot using stop-motion technique. Puppetry, wires and live action could also be used as long as it does not comprise 30% of the entire film.
  2. Your main character MUST be an official G.I. Joe action figure, created by Hasbro, Inc. or an Action Man figure, created by Palitoy. Other licensed figures are also accepted, like “Comandos em Acao” and “Falcon” (BRAZIL) or “Commandos Heroicos” (MEXICO). Other action figures, dolls and toys can be used for supporting roles.

Selected by Movie Insider as America’s “most original film festival,” the GI Joe Stop Motion Film Festival was created in 2005 by Gio Toninelo to celebrate the dying art form of stop-motion while paying tribute to America’s favorite movable fighting man: the GI JOE Action Figure (or Action Man in UK). The Film Festival hosts screenings, competitions and workshops to showcase the best work within the genre. GI JOE FEST kicks off in Denver before traveling to cities around the world.

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