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The Official Eagle Force Handbook: Volume 101 Cover Sketch In Progress Pages Revealed

There’s more great news to share straight from Eagle Island this weekend!  The Official Eagle Force Handbook: Volume 101 Kickstarter Campaign is crushing it, with just under 2 weeks to go and only $262 to go until the next stretch goal is unlocked!

The Campaign has also hit another milestone – 100 backers! Since the Campaign hit this target so early, Bill from Fresh Monkey Fiction had their amazing cover artist, Mitch Ballard, get going on the cover. Here is a very rough sketch, check it out –

The idea here is the cover is a 2 page spread that will cover the front and back of the book. Future volumes will connect characters to each side of the covers, so you’ll have a interlocking battle scene. A few minor notes for Mitch here but overall it’s looking awesome and headed in the right direction! Alongside the sketch was a pair of in-progress page samples highlighting Santini and the R.I.O.T. Commando! The page layout is all sorts of awesome and gives me an instant shot of nostalgia.

So what’s next? 2 new stretch goals, that’s what! Our next objective is to get the campaign to $4,000.00. Once there, we’ll unlock and Eagle Force Mega Digital Story! – Mr. Christopher Irving of Drawn Word fame will write a story with characters from the 1990’s Eagle Force team: Eagle Force Mega. Each backer (over $5) will get a digital version of this story.

Once we blow past that goal, next up at $4,500.00 will be an all new Eagle Force Character Reveal! Included will be a new Eagle Force universe character bio that will be revealed for the 1st time when the handbook is published. This character will remain a mystery until the handbook is delivered to backers.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your pledge in and let’s knock these next two goals out of the park!

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