G.I.Joe: Resurgence Adventure Team by PHX Customs Starts Monday, June 18th

Customizers, rejoice! The long awaited and highly anticipated G.I.Joe Resurgence project from PHX Customs is finally here! By way of Sam Panico’s Instagram page comes confirmation that G.I.Joe Resurgence kicks off tomorrow, Monday, June 18th! From Sam –

PHX Customs presents its next customs project: Resurgence Adventure Team. It starts on Monday June 18th. Follow us here @oreobuildercustoms and @phxcustomsgroup 
#june18th #gijoephotography #gijoe#adventureteam #gijoeadventureteam#occult #magic #custom #customproject#photography #phxcustoms #gijoeresurgence#comingsoon @aaronjbuck@danofthedeadcustoms @sampanico #cobra

This is going to be all sorts of awesome! I’ll be sure to bring you details and of course pictures as they’re shared. Stay tuned for more!

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