Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Buri 3D Sculpt Turnaround Revealed

It’s been a busy weekend in terms of reveals from the  Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Deluxe Series Kickstarter Campaign! Just yesterday we were treated to the Raving 3D Sculpt Turnaround and the 3D Sculpt Turnaround for Hideyoshi just earlier today.

Well, that’s not all Seba Dom has in store for us, as he’s shared the 3D Sculpt Turnaround for the mighty Polar Bear, Buri!

Armed with magical ice force weapons this Polar Bear roams the wasteland outside of Fangtorn Fortress protecting his mysterious masters. No one knows where Buri came from or why he protects the Fortress, but the secrets within are guarded the most lethal of warriors. It is said that none who have stood against Buri on the battlefield have lived to tell the tale.

Seba Dom had the chance to bring this amazing character to life, through a collaboration between Seba Dom(Round Table 3D Studio), Fabiano Carlos Coelho and Jose Fernandez.

Let’s keep the pledges going to that we can unlock this amazing AWOK offering!

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