Cryptid Toys Super Articulated Action Figure Blanks Kickstarter Campaign Update

It’s been awhile, but there’s a new update to share on the Cryptid Toys Super Articulated Action Figure Blanks Kickstarter Campaign.

The update serves to reassure backers that the project is on track, with images of the initial Skeleton tooling being shared. Below is the first test shot that the factory ran. The factory is doing another couple now with the correct parts (since this one has two of the same lower leg), and are going to be more careful cleaning up the flashing (especially around the ribs and hands).

Right after that, they will be mailed to Cryptid Toys so that product can be more closely inspected to be sure that the details came through, the parts fit together properly, and it can hold poses well. Notes sent back to the factory will be used to fine tune the tooling. The male figure is going through these same steps but is a bit further behind in the process. All the male blanks will have the relaxed hands and bare feet included since the backerkit amounts raised surpassed those needed numbers. An updated time table for a delivery estimate once the tooling is being finalized but as of now, no exact timeframe was provided.

If you’d rather not wait and would like a refund, please reach out to Cryptid Toys via Kickstarter or at

I, for one, will definitely be sticking it out as delays are a normal and expected part of any KS campaign. As long as the communication is solid, then there’s no worries.

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