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Acid Rain World Bucks Team Fan Pack Preorder Partially Delayed

Heads up, Acid Rain World fans – Aither Entertainment has sent out word advising that a portion of the Bucks Team Fan Pack Pre-Order has been delayed.

When the “ Bucks Team Issue Ammo Boxes ” included in the pack were received from the manufacturer, alarming issues were found regarding its printing and color quality. The manufacturer explained these errors were caused by sudden changes in temperature and humidity within recent days.

As Aither’s promise is to provide only the best products to their valued customers, they have decided to re-manufacture all the ammo boxes with proper print and color. The re-manufacture process will use a new five-sided printing technique which will take a month to complete. As the result of this incident, Aither Entertainment has made a special arrangement for all valued customers, two separate shipments will be made –

The first shipment will be sent out today, June 12th.  The first package contains:

  • Free shipping on all purchases before 31st of March 2018

The second shipment will be sent out once they’ve received and confirmed the re-manufactured ammo box; It will contain:

  •  The Bucks Team Establishment Day Celebration- Lucky draw “Star x Star” sweepstakes rewards
  • Additional gift as an apology for keeping you waiting
  • Free shipping for this batch of packages

To refresh your memory, back in March, the Bucks Team Fan Pack was announced as a thank you to the fans for all of their support of the Acid Rain World. The Fan Pack includes the items listed above, but you can check’em out here –

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Although the delay is disappointing, I’m more than happy to wait for quality, which it seems that Aither is striving for. Did you get in on the Bucks Team Fan Pack Pre-Order?

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