Letal Customs Tri State Grenadiers Exclusive Nightmare Grenadiers Photo Gallery

Just the other day I brought you word that the New Letal Customs Nightmare Grenadiers are Now Available. I was fortunate enough to add a squad of these brilliant new offerings to my collection and have put together a gallery of almost 50 images for you to check out for yourself!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Nightmare Grenadier is based on classic G.I.Joe artwork depicting the Iron Grenadier. As it was used on a sleeping bag, the Moniker for this particular version fits perfectly. The Blue, Red & Gold are a winning combination, as the colors just pop off of the figure. As with previous Letal Customs!  offerings, the Nightmare Grenadier includes 2 swords, 2 uzis and his laser gun.

What makes this offering even more unique is the fantastic cardback included with the figure. You can opt to have the resealable clam attached to the card, or just have it loose (I chose the former). The card itself is professionally done, with a high gloss finish that it sure to please even the most particular fan.

Bottom line- If you’re a fan of Grenadiers and/or Boutique style offerings, then you don’t only need these, but you need them NOW! Each figure will run you $20 USD plus Priority shipping. How do you get yours? Easy! Reach out to GIJoeisLife on Instagram for more details!

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