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Larry Hama Action Figure Paint Master Revealed

A new update has been shared from the Larry Hama Action Figure Kickstarter Campaign – The update gives us our first look at the Larry Hama Paint Master!

Larry Hama Paint Master - Surveillance Port

The Larry Hama Action Figure from Fresh Monkey Fiction and Remco is one that fans have been highly anticipating ever since the campaign successfully funded, so it’s exciting to see the Paint Master and know that we’re that much closer to the finish line!

Mr. Bill Murphy from FMF shared the following alongside the image –

Thanks to the awesome Sean Grogan, we have our paint master for Mr. Hama. Yes we are aware the figure has a few misassembled parts, we’ll correct that before the production begins. Our plan is to have our 1/18th Larry on display at Joe Con 2018 at the Chicken Fried Toys booth. After the show the paint master will be shipped to China so the factory can work on the finalized paint sample.

I’ll bring you more details as they become available. Are you as excited as I am to finally add the Larry Hama action figure to your collection?

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