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Letal Customs Grenadiers Wave 2 Pre Order Now Live

If you dig boutique style offerings, then you’ll love the following intel from the Letal Customs Camp – Voting has come to a close and the next 4 Letal Grenadiers selected to be released have been chosen! These figures are now available for Pre-Order. If you’d like to do so, please reach out to @stephen_celentano on Instagram to get your order in. Here’s the scoop:

  • Set of 4: 1 of each color, $42.00 plus $4 shipping
  • Set of 5 of a single color (Non Python P): $50.00 plus $4 shipping
  • Set of 5 Python P Grenadiers : $60.00 plus $4 shipping

Shipping will be combined for multiple sets. These prices reflect Pre-Order Pricing. Once these are in hand, pricing will be $12.00 (basic colors) and $15.00 (Python P) plus shipping.

Single color sets of 5 are LIMITED to 50 sets PER COLOR for the pre-order. Multi color sets of 4 (1 of each color) are LIMITED to 150 sets for the pre-order. Pre-orders will run through June 30th. If pre-orders go well, they may end it early, so don’t wait!

Make sure to reach out to @stephen_celentano on Instagram for more details!


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