Behind the Scenes of G.I.Joe’s First Live-Action Micro-Movie with 3DJoes and Kirk Bozigian

G.I.Joe’s 1991 toy commercials changed gears and replaced animation with live-action actors and actresses and life size vehicles. These commercials were serial, a first for G.I.Joe, and told the linear story of G.I.Joe and Cobra battling for control of “Plasmatox.”

3DJoes 1991 Toy Commercial Banner - Surveillance Port

Filming was completed in December 1990, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada at North Shore Studios, Lot 3, with Cannel Films (now Lions Gate). Kirk Bozigian, former Vice President of Marketing for Hasbro, filmed nearly 3 hours of behind the scenes footage over the 3.5 weeks of filming. 

Come join 3DJoes & Kirk and see this nearly 30 year old footage for the first time anywhere, and hear stories of what happened behind the scenes of G.I.Joe’s first live-action micro-movie at GIJoeCon 2018!

Date/Time: Saturday, June 23rd 11:00am Meeting Room 13-15

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