R.A.H.C. Guide Rank & File Volume 4 Show Exclusive – That Includes You?

My good bud Mr. James Kavanaugh Jr. of R.A.H.C. Guide fame has sent out word via the R.A.H.C. Guide Facebook page of a Rank & File Show Exclusive…That includes you?

The Rank & File volume 4 will be at GIJoeCon (Official) 2018 in a show exclusive format that could include YOU! This exclusive will include four “blank” pages for you to share your G.I. JOE YEARBOOK memories and remember Joe Cons of the past. This purchase will also include a custom Rank & File sharpie for each other to share.

Now the best part! Send in your old show photographs and they could be featured in this exclusive piece!!! Use this dropbox link (click here) to upload photos and if the quality and content is acceptable (keep it PG 13), you will be featured on one of two splash pages. Placement will be on a first come, first served basis so hurry! Original, full sized shots work best. Photos will be needed by end of day today, Monday June 4th to meet print deadlines.

This show exclusive will be different than the widely released Rank & File vol. 4 so be sure to make this a priority at Joe Con!!

Joe Con has always been an amazing experience and it will be great to see the years come together. If you haven’t submitted your Joe Con Memories, please do so and see them immortalized in the Yearbook exclusive of Rank & File!!


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