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Fury Force Silent Master Starts Shipping Next Week

The first pre-order from the new Fury Force series of 5.5″ Custom Resin Figures from Popprolific and HotGToys is set to start shipping this coming week! The Silent Master, a hand made Limited Edition 5.5″ Resin Figure, comes in a Zoloworld clamshell with a vintage style card insert.

Silenced after the permanent loss of his vocal cords during an aircraft explosion on a military tour of Southeast Asia, the reclusive and mysterious Silent Master is a dangerous commando and master of at least 12 forms of martial arts. He is a force of nature with the effortlessness and destructive power of a gust of wind.

  • Figure Includes: Uzi , 2 swords

What’s your take on the Fury Force Silent Master from Popprolific and HotGToys? Diggin’ this style of mash up, or not your cup of tea? For me, personally, I want them all!

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